UAMM Historical Information


During Governor Walker's prayer breakfast March 2016 in Anchorage, Alaska, a United Alaska Moravian Ministry (UAMM) Evangelist had a vision of a "sleeping giant" in Alaska waking up and unfurling an undefiled flag for all the world to see. UAMM's leadership recognized that Christ is coming soon, that the world needs to hear of John 14:6, and that the Church should remain “holy and undefiled” (Ephesians 5:27).

As a fulfillment of Sleeping Giant vision the Spirit of God was moving through the Spiritual Feast/Revival services.  God was also moving through the difficulties which the Anchorage Moravian Church experienced.  UAMM's embracing of the Holy Spirit and responses to inner difficulties gave birth to a statewide, national, and international movement.  This is a movement that is documented in a book published in late November 2018 entitled "Alaska Moravian Heritage Church Awakening:  Rise of the World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches.

What strengthened UAMM's influence in Alaska was a special event near the end of 2017.  On December 15, 2017 16 new UAMM ordained pastors began service. Three more were ordained on February 2, 2018.  The aim of UAMM's leadership and clergy is to catapult the gospel to the villages of Alaska, Canada, every state of America, as well as to the nations.

A Brief Overview:   

UAMM is a Moravian Group recognized by the Unitas Fratrum on November 2012.  In August 2016 during the Moravian Unity Synod in Jamaica, although UAMM was formally and unfairly excluded from fellowship with the Moravian Unity, it is still recognized as a Moravian heritage Church that is exploding in power and influence throughout the world.  This is affirmed by Bishop Emmaus Mwamakula, President of The Moravian Revival Church in Tanzania, located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  It is also affirmed by Allied Mission Church, Churches in the Philippines and Cambodia having Moravian heritage.

UAMM is rewriting Moravian history as a global Moravian heritage ministry.  But more than that, it is the will of countless other godly Moravian leaders feeling estranged or persecuted by the Traditional Church following God’s voice.  Today UAMM is a quickly growing fellowship with Moravians in America and other countries desiring to join.  UAMM's vision is to strengthen and grow Moravian Heritage Churches and Fellowships, everywhere the Spirit of God leads.  UAMM exists as a Holy Spirit led organization, which uplifts Jesus Christ as Savior, Lord, and Chief Elder of the Church.

UAMM’s 25 Churches and Fellowships are located in a growing number of communities in Alaska, among them Akiachak, Akiak, Anchorage, Bethel, Big Lake, Dillingham, Kenai/Soldotna, Manokotak, Napakiak, and Wasilla, Alaska.    A fellowship in Angoon, southeast, Alaska has requested covering and this may be formalized soon.  Three UAMM Churches exist in Honduras and it is expected for a number to be raised up in Tanzania, the Congo, Australia, and India.

The first UAMM Church in the continental United State is the City of Glory Church International, which came to life in 2016, headed up by a second Bishop of UAMM (consecrated September 21, 2018) with two Master's degrees who is currently working on his doctoral theology degree - The Rt. Rev. Lauden Kangele.  Rev. Kangele is birthing other fellowships in America  and overseas who have a burning desire to join the UAMM covering.  Plans were brought up for another UAMM Church in Colorado by an ordained Moravian minister from Central America.  A third bishop consecrated by Bishop Nicholson on September 30, 2018 will continue service under Allied Mission Church.

UAMM's General Conference follows an approved Organizational Handbook based upon the Word of God.  In 2014, UAMM was incorporated as a Corporation with the State of Alaska.  In 2016, UAMM received 501c3 status under the Internal Revenue Service tax code of the United States government.

UAMM’s goal originally was is for Mission Province status under the Traditional "Moravian Unity" but was excluded by action of the Worldwide Unity Synod at Jamaica in August 2016 because of its stand against the homosexual agenda in the Moravian Church.  UAMM is not affiliated with the Alaska Moravian Province.  It is also not affiliated with the Worldwide Unity.


Indeed UAMM as an organism of God's love and covering and its vision and mission is to win “lost souls” throughout the world for Christ’s Kingdom. The aim for UAMM's leadership and its Churches and Fellowships is to work at Church planting until Christ's comes! And to functionally be a "Living Church” in relationship with Christ that follows the entire counsel of God's word, prays daily, preaches the gospel and allows the presence and power of the Holy Ghost to move in every area of the Church life.

UAMM is logistically and strategically placed in Anchorage, which is “the gateway to the world”.  It has been prophesied that Alaska's "all tribes" shall participate in an end-time sending forth for harvest to the world to bring awakening and revival to America and around the globe.  Because of this vision UAMM was a major financial contributor for the creation the Global Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches which is in over 9 countries.  It order to strengthen its worldwide efforts, UAMM has also contributed significant funds to help building projects in Honduras and Africa.

UAMM is a quickly growing fellowship with Moravians in America and other countries desiring to join.  UAMM continues to pull in Moravians and non-Moravians that have been excluded and rejected by the Traditional Church and gives them the biblical covering needed.

UAMM existence will continue until Christ's soon return and trained clergy is critical to influence all levels of society for good.  So in order to train UAMM's pastoral leadership, a non-traditional training institution called New Herrnhut Holiness Bible Training Institute was approved September 2017.  The foundation and materials have already been readied.  New Herrnhut is located in one of the most beautiful locations in Alaska - Seward, a popular tourism location, fishing port, and a location anyone who visits Alaska will eventually visit.

Since February 2013, training of UAMM's pastors and Christian workers have continued.  Moravian history and heritage are among the subjects shared.  Church planting and tithing have also been topics during the last two training events.  Extremely gifted instructors, The Rev. Dr. Doug Norwood (Pennsylvania), The Rev. Dr. Larry Salway (South Dakota), and The Rt. Rev. Lauden Kangele (Washington) have served as instructors.  In September 2017, New Herrnhut already has its foundation laid by Mr. Dean Carl for  a 16 guest house, conference center, and Church in Seward, Alaska. Already requests are coming in from around the world to attend this institute to train future missionaries to the world.

UAMM does not speak distastefully about the Traditional Church, because it is still Christ's anointed Church and has a place in Christ's Kingdom.  Every effort is there to work with Traditional Churches because the time is short.

Those American Churches and International Churches that desire to join UAMM, the following are some positive assistance issues UAMM provides:

  1. Moravian Heritage framework.
  2. Covering providing accountability with Organizational Handbook or Book of Order
  3. Provides Training Opportunities for Spiritual Leaders.
  4. Ordination for proven workers
  5. “Living Churches” under UAMM are autonomous
  6. Provision for Financial Assistance for Pastor and Church Buildings
  7. Representation on UAAM during annual General Church Conference (synod).