Mission Trip to Far North Missionary Fellowship

Mr. Dean Carl of New Herrnhut Bible Holiness Training Institute of Seward, Alaska and I traveled by vehicle to Northpole, Alaska September 26-28, 2020. At the Far North Missionary Fellowship Chapel, which is a beautiful Wesleyan heritage Church, we were welcomed by an outstanding host and pastor and his wife, Rev. Randy & Jane Huff.
Thankfully Pastor Huff gave Dean an opportunity at the Sunday evening service which was well attended, a presentation on need for support towards building a United International Moravian Ministry (UIMM) partner training institution. During the same night I was honored to give a biblical message on looking for new ways to present the gospel today, especially for our younger generation.
This Mission Trip was a big blessing “beyond expectations”. Pastors and members of UIMM Churches and Fellowships are encouraged by Bishop William Nicholson to attend worship at Northpole, Alaska, anytime they are in the area. The address for Far North Mission Fellowship is 2485 Dawson Rd, North Pole, AK 99705.
Moravians and holiness Church people, and friends, if you live in the area and have spiritual needs, please call Rev. Randy Huff at 540-597-7476.
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