Allowing God’s Spirit and His Word to touch many
lives for Christ among Alaska Native People, to America and to the World



In the precious name of Jesus Christ our Savior, we welcome you to our site!   The ancient Unitas Fratrum motto, "Our Lamb Has Conquered; Let Us Follow Him" is used by all United International Moravian Ministry (UIMM) group churches.  While the Lion/Lamb logo created by UIMM is the Moravian Revival Church logo, respective Churches, such as the Anchorage Moravian Church use the ancient Lamb Logo showing their historic Moravian roots.  UIMM is legally incorporated with the State of Alaska and recognized in America as a 501C3 non-profit religious organization.  Since 2018, a big development was UIMM's recognition under the covering and authority of the World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches, now, in eight countries around the world!  The Moravian Revival Churches in Tanzania, Kenya, Honduras, Uganda, and America use the ancient uncopyrighted Lamb logo.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.  God is at work in incredible ways and reawakening His Church TO DO before His son returns in Glory.  We pray that you will be blessed for blessing us!

NoteSince 2012, when the Moravian Unity Board originally approved creation of  United Alaska Moravian Ministry group, the Ministry group has been actively fulfilling the Great Commission.  As of August 2016 due to Jamaica Synod action, UIMM is no longer under the Moravian Unity Board authority nor the Worldwide Moravian Unity.  By early 2020, due to its' evolving international character, the official name was changed to "United International Moravian Ministry" group.