Allowing God’s Spirit and His Word to touch many
lives for Christ among Alaska Native People, to America and to the World



The Traditional Moravian Church came into being in 1457 in old Bohemia, renewed under Count Nicholas von Zinzendorf in 1727 and since 2012 has become through United International Moravian Ministry (and WFMRC), an end-day Moravian Revival movement. Today, it continues its growth throughout the world.   The United International Moravian Ministry group (UIMM) under the World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches (WFMRC) is presently in eight countries.   UIMM’s main purpose is to provide a spiritual covering for its member Churches & Fellowship, do Fund Raising and Mission outreaches, wherever God calls.  UIMM works primarily in America, Honduras, Cuba, and Uganda but from time-to-time supports efforts in all of the WFMRC areas of Mission work.

UIMM is known worldwide, for its Friday Night Ministry held weekly, 6 pm, at 3512 Robin Street, Anchorage, Alaska.  This ministry is headed up by Lay Minister/Musician Billy Olsen.  Contributing to UIMM’s health is that each UIMM Church is encouraged to donate 10% of their monthly tithes and offerings to UIMM.  UIMM Ministers are also encouraged to contribute their 10% tithe, not to their respective churches or fellowships, but directly to UIMM.

The WFMRC and UIMM are biblical coverings for end day Moravian Revival Churches that recognize they are truly a Family of God, follow the Full Counsel of God’s Word, and are a Great Commission entity.  It’s focus is to maintain a positive witness of Christ’s Gospel and strive to respect and remain in unity with all Moravians (Traditional or Moravian Revival) worldwide.

The following are Bishops of the WFMRC & UIMM:  Bishop Emmaus Mwamakula, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania & WFMRC; Bishop Paul Kabaiya, Ruiru, Kenya; Bishop Isai Granwell, La Ceiba, Honduras & Cuba, UIMM; Bishop Odongo Mario Arabous, Lira, Uganda, UIMM; Bishop George Lee, Houston, TX, USA, Philippines & Cambodia, Allied Mission Church; Bishop Geraldo Nixon, Sarasota, Florida, UIMM; Bishop William Nicholson, Anchorage, AK, USA, WFMRC & UIMM

NoteSince 2012, when the Moravian Unity Board originally approved creation of  United Alaska Moravian Ministry group, the Ministry group has been actively fulfilling the Great Commission.  As of August 2016 due to Jamaica Synod action, UIMM is no longer under the Moravian Unity Board authority nor the Worldwide Moravian Unity.  By early 2020, due to its' evolving international character, the official name was changed to "United International Moravian Ministry" group.