Alaska Moravian Heritage Church Awakening: Rise of World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches

The following is a snopsis of the book authored by Bishop Nicholson:

Today in the early 21st Century the Holy Spirit is again moving and a “Great Awakening” with spiritual gifts is happening in ministries and groups around the world. The Alaska Native people have been prophesied to be involved in end-time ministry. Here is one story of ONE awakening of a Moravian Heritage Group that God is using in Alaska.

United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group’s (now called United International Moravian Ministry) story is one of misunderstandings, mistaken identity, persecution, yet one full of joy, glory, and purpose for God’s glory! It’s story is one of preparing the world for the SOON RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST who desires to find a church “without spot or wrinkle”.

Plans are for 1000 books to be published by UIMM Publications by end of November 2018.  An e-book version may also be sold.

If you want this book, it may be purchased at or by contacting the UIMM office in Anchorage, Alaska.

UIMM Pocket Information:

A printing company in Anchorage, Alaska, is working on finishing a new UIMM brochure which supporters of UIMM are able to use to disseminate information as to who we are, what we are doing, and to solicit support for Christ’s work.  In time we hope to equip all of the AncMC members with professionally created tracts and cards to invite and bring people to our church in Anchorage.

If someone would like to donate to help UIMM Publications publish smooth looking, polished materials for the public, feel free to do so.  God will bless you, because together we are doing His work!

God is moving!  We never look back; always forward folks to do Christ’s agenda, not ours.