UIMM Donates Walking Tractor to Uganda

PRAISE GOD! United International Moravian Ministry (UIMM) group in the Precious Name of Jesus Christ as a result of two nights of successful Moravian Revival services led by Billy Olsen on March 15-16, 2024, was able to send $500 to our Bishop Odongo in Uganda, Africa for a new Walking Tractor. Money was sent to […]

Quinhagak Revival Coming!

UIMM Moravian Revival Church Pastor Frank James of Platinum, Alaska, opens first-ever Revival in Quinhagak, April 4-7, 2024, 6:30 pm, at the Qanirtuuq Incorporated Building which has space for upwards of 200 people. Pastor Frank James is a gifted singer and evangelist and pastor who travels widely throughout Alaska. Everyone welecomed! Reports have been that […]

Just Seven (7) Years!!! See What God Has Done!

     Pastors and other Christian workers are needed, more now than every before! The Church is needed more than ever before, because Christ is coming back! AS A UNITY OF BELIEVERS WORKING TOGETHER IN GOD’S LOVE AND MAINTAINING POSITIVITY AND MOVING FORWARD, TOGETHER, IT IS AMAZING WHAT GOD HAS DONE IN A FEW SHORT […]

World Fellowship Moravian Revival Church Areas

The World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches (WFMRC) are in eight countries of the world (see the maps)   The Churches are administered by Bishop Emmaus Mwamakula of Tanzania the WFMRC Co-Chair of the Southern Hemisphere of the World and Bishop William Nicholson of Alaska, WFMRC Co-Chair heads up Churches located in the Northern Hemisphere of […]

Moravian Revival Mission to Brus Laguna and Gracias a Dios

Praise the Lord!  The Moravian Revival Churches under the World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches and United Alaska Moravian Ministry (UIMM)  continue to move forward in furthering the Gospel of the Lamb of God who has Conquered and we Follow   We move forward with joy and peace and purpose with a positive spirit of brotherhood […]

Project to Feed Hungry People

Are you interested in helping to build the Kingdom of God?  Desperately needed for our United International Moravian Churches (UIMM) in Uganda, Africa is an important life-saving tool to help the Church Leaders and people grow their own food.  What will help immensely is funding for a  small “Walking Tractor” that will produce a mountain […]

Moravian Revival Church in Tegucigalpa

Statement from Bishop Isai Granwell from Tegucigalpa, Honduras February 18, 2024:  “An Apostolic Disciple will always be willing to obey and assume the mandate that our Lord commanded us, with mission of Great Commission to serve for his KINGDOM.”  In Tegucigalpa, Bishop Isai Granwell ministered to several pastors. Our thanks to the pastors and believers […]

Moravian Revival Bishop Odongo in Uganda, Africa News

Bishop Mario Arabous Odongo, Moravian Revival Church leader in Uganda shared some news in the last several weeks, which should be noted among United International Moravian Ministry group donors. We certainly rejoice for the several pastors and workers who move throughout Uganda planting churches.  A noteworthy piece of news is that Bishop Odongo’s Overseer, Moses […]

3rd UIMM Pastor Tim Sergie Passes into Eternity

     A well known man of God (in eight nations), The Rev. Tim Sergie, Pastor of The House of Prayer Church and United International Moravian Ministry (UIMM) Vice-President of the Boards (and director who assisted in creation of the World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches), passed and went to be with His Savior, Jesus […]