Commentary by Bishop William Nicholson IS THE MORAVIAN CHURCH APOSTATE? We are known by our Fruits October 4, 2022 Is the Unitas Fratrum, the worldwide Moravian Church, an emerging apostate Church of the end days?  I would hope not, but this is a good question to ask, since for the most part its National and […]

Eighth Nation Joins UIMM

Three Cuban Moravian Revival Churches and five former traditional Moravian Pastors headed up by Vice-President Pastor Jose Turro, officially joined United International Moravian Ministry group on September 27, 2022.  All of UIMM’s Directors rejoice that in unity we can strengthen one another. Main reason why Pastor Jose’s group (aside from three other traditional Churches) joined […]

Queen Elizabeth II – Heartfelt Sympathy to Family

We remember Queen Elizabeth II!!! Words from the Letter by Bishops Nicholson and Mwamakula: World Fellowship of Moravian  Revival Churches The Right Reverend Dr. William H. Nicholson, Northern Hemisphere Co-Chair & United International Moravian Ministry Group President, Anchorage, Alaska The Most Reverend Emmaus Mwamakula, Southern Hemisphere Co-Chair & Archbishop of Moravian Revival Church in Tanzania […]


The public is cordially welcomed to special anointed Worship, Fellowship and Food at the upcoming special revival services this coming weekend.  Pastor Curtis Pavilla and his wife & singer Evangelist Ina “Jenkins” Pavilla and Pastor Ruth Evon from Bethel, Alaska will be special singers and speakers for the  three nights of Revival Fires worship.  These […]

Happy Resurrection Day!

Happy Resurrection Day everyone!  The AncMC celebrated a very early Easter Sunrise service at the Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery.  The sunrise was was at 6:30 am, so the actual service began at 6:15 am on Sunday, April 17, 2022.  Judging by the attendance, possibly we need to think of when the sun rises at the […]


By Bishop William H. Nicholson, Senior Pastor, AncMC, Administrator for UIMM, Chair of the Northern Hemisphere of World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches      Happy Holy Week and Easter! God is good!      Just yesterday, April 12, 2022, I heard someone in Anchorage, Alaska, proselyting one of our leaders from the Anchorage Moravian […]

Speaking Against UIMM Pastor’s and Bishops?

Deception in the Church? IS SOMEONE SPEAKING AGAINST YOUR BISHOP OR YOUR PASTOR, YOUR ELDER OR OTHER SPIRITUAL LEADER IN THE CHURCH?      The Bible is clear that this can happen in any Church, especially in end days. Sadly, in recent history, the United International Moravian Ministry group (UIMM), it’s Churches and leadership has […]

UIMM Training Event with Bishop Isai Granwell

We thank Bishop Isai Granwell of La Ceiba, Honduras for provision of training for UIMM’s pastors on March 4-5, 2022, in Anchorage, Alaska. Out of the training, well attended, the theme was on “Waking Up in End Days”. Well received presentations were made also by Pastor Bob Monette and Bishop William Nicholson.   All in […]