What We Believe

UIMM Churches and Fellowships rising out of Moravian heritage believes:

  • Believes in God as Trinity; is a Christ-centered Church; a Living Church living out the full counsel of God’s Word.
  • Believes salvation is a gift from God and that is life is essentially an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Nurtures and encourages spiritual growth; allows for celebration of the sacraments of baptism and Holy Communion.
  • Believes in the five-fold Holy Spirit inspired ministry; and is a part of a global revival and undefiled movement.

How UIMM Operates:

UIMM is a chartered organization with the State of Alaska and is a 501(C)3 Organization that follows an Organizational Handbook and the Roberts Rules of Order.  UIMM's pastors and church delegates meet at least once annually in Anchorage, Alaska for UIMM's annual synod.