Bishop Isai Granwell, Moravian Revival Leader on Mission to America

Our Honduras Moravian Revival Church Bishop Isai Granwell left his country, today, February 19, 2022.  This is after a day delay due to airlines delay.  He is traveling on a month long important mission trip for Christ to Texas, Alaska, and Washington. 

A high point will be his visit to Anchorage, Alaska, on March 2-7, 2022 to meet with the United International Moravian Ministry (UIMM) Board of Directors (which he is a member of), perform two days of training for UIMM pastors and conduct three nights of revival at 3512 Robin Street in the Muldoon area of east Anchorage.  Training for UIMM pastors is scheduled for March 4-5, at 624 W International Airport Rd, Anchorage, Alaska.  UIMM Directors meeting is scheduled for 1 pm, March 3, 2022, at 624 W International Airport Red.

God is moving and He needs support for His work of expanding the Kingdom of God, before Christ comes again.  Our desire is to fill the skies with lost souls (redeemed by the blood of the Lamb of God) before Christ comes in the clouds with Glory.  God is touching souls to participate in this end day work.  If you touched, we encourage you to participate in a bonifide work of God and gospel outreach.  Again, if touched by Holy Spirit you may donate dollars to United International Moravian Ministry group at bottom of Homepage of this site.

If anyone has questions, they are free to call the UIMM phone number (907) 744-2637 or Bishop Nicholson directly at (907) 2408102.

God bless you.

PS:  Today, February 19, 2022, I just an important word from Bishop Odongo in Uganda that they had to shut down a school for 19 Orphans due to lack of funds.  This is sad.  They will reopen when funds are available.  UIMM supports this effort for food, housing, radio ministry, and transportation for missions, and importantly support for 28 pastors in Uganda, who are part of the Moravian Revival Churches in Africa.  We also do our best to support missions in Kenya and Tanzania for two other Moravian Revival Bishops.

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