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Bishop Mario Arabous Odongo, Moravian Revival Church leader in Uganda shared some news in the last several weeks, which should be noted among United International Moravian Ministry group donors.

We certainly rejoice for the several pastors and workers who move throughout Uganda planting churches.  A noteworthy piece of news is that Bishop Odongo’s Overseer, Moses Olaki, of Bukedea Assembly, East Uganda, officially re-opened school for orphans on February 5, 2024.  School is at Bukedea Community Care orphanage.  For the children needed is purchase of maize grains for flour.  Needed is $180, which we are hopeful for UIMM sending support soon, today or tomorrow.  This support of grain will last the children until May 2024.

Also needed for the orphanage are dollars for uniforms, beding, teaching aid materials, medical care, books, and writing instruments.

Bishop Odongo also manages a radio inspirational preaching program that touches many outlying communities.  He continues Mission Outreaches to needy areas of Uganda.  Please pray for his efforts, which is reaping huge rewards!

Plans are underfoot to go  to Lamwo District Februarty 16 – 18 , 2024 to conduct outreaches for Christ.  According to Pastor Denis Okot of Acholi Subregion who is under Bishop Odongo’s supervision, water baptism will happen and dedication of pastors to take charge of the three churches in the Lamwo District around the south Sudan boundary.  This is a long ways from Pastor Okot’s home base at Pader Town.

A crusade is planned on March 2-3, 2024 at Dagodwong Branch Church.   New believers are coming into the Kingdom of God.  New believers need vernacular Bibles.  Needed are 57 bibles minimum at cost of $9 per bible.

Bishop Odongo feels compelled to inform all of our ministry partners and members on the major activities faced with in Uganda currently.  These include church construction, orphanage education, leadership training, rural outreach, radio ministry, farming and youth/woman conventions.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Bishop Odongo, his pastors and the huge outreaches and commissioning of new pastors to carry the true gospel of Jesus Christ to needy people.

Those of us under UIMM under the World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches can do more for Christ.  God bless those of you who are supporting the work of Christ in Africa.  Tanzania and Kenya are other areas of concern too!

NOTE:  Following is a December 2023, moving letter I received from Bishop Odongo and this is especially for our UIMM donors.  We cannot do it without your help.  Donations can be received here at, which are tax deductible, since UIMM is a non-profit 501c3 federally recognized religious organizaation:

“I received the money with great honor to you my Bishop. I stand firmly to bless you and the ministry for the great support you have given me since then.
It is my earnest pray that you will stand with me concerning the orphanage in Uganda. I must thank you  sincerely for this project because it is fulfilling the Scripture quoted from James 1:26-27.

At this moment when finances seem to be at stake globally, I agree to understand it and appeal emergently.  However, your oversight must bear fruits worldwide since you owe God for that be position for World fellowship of  Moravian Revival Ministries. Apart from the intercessory support for the ministry, I am locally available to support the project by , let alone praying for your intervention, bit my tangible input from my minimal means.

As you can remember, I suggested support for a maize and rice milling machine, yes it may be the solution for a permeant support. The installation of such a machine in the are will generate income locally. For you Ingo, my area is rich in rice and corn/maize production.

Concerning the Pader Moravian Revival Church understand the oversight of Rev.. Okot Denish, I promise to update you if local fundraising is done according to the Christians’ commitment with their resources inspite of our in poverty.

By this small and brief vote or thanks, encouragement, projection, I wish to say this , ” For God and My County” our national in moto.”

But” Our Lamb Has Conquered, Let Us Follow Him.”

And still another note to show the concern Bishop Odongo has had for his Moravian Revival work in Uganda:

“Praise the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Bishop Mario Odongo Arabous.
I’m here to inform you that our church in Pader town is not doing well as A result of heavy rain. The polls that were planted is becoming too weak since there’s much weight on it.  If there’s any way of helping us please my Bishop think about the church and how we have been struggling to make this church a big congregation.  I still remember your efforts and support towards this church.

Therefore I am writing to you to follow up the request that we sent through you to Bishop William Nicholson.

I’m scared that any time from now our church going to collapse down as you can see from this video. If we can first raise pillars then walling follows, then I will save the whole building.
Raising concrete Pillars will need like $ 1000 -$ 1200 to plant 14 Pillars .

Thank you so much and the lord God almighty remember you and bless you Amen.

In Christ lovely name Rev. Denis Okot the lead pastor Moravian revival church Pader District.
The Chaplin to the Bishop of Uganda.



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