Special Outreach Services with Bishop Isai Granwell – Many Honduras Youth Touched for Kingdom of God!

The Rt. Rev. Isai Granwell, United International Moravian Ministry (UIMM) group Bishop from La Ceiba, Honduras, as shown on January 30, 2024, with photos.  These were special services at a congregation that recently joined UIMM’s covering.  This is a Church with Miskito Indians led by Sister Digna at Moravian Revival Church in Ahaus.

As shown, many young people are attracted to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  These youth are the future of the Moravian Revival Church in Honduras.  Thanks to Bishop Isai, his wife, Tagni, and Nicole Guerrero, a Children’s Ministry has evolved with lots of food, every weekend.   Truly, especially for the children, a very rewarding and exiting time!

Last Sunday, January 28, 2024, special services were held at the Moravian Revival Church Fountain of Life in La Ceiba, Bishop Isai’s home congregation.  There, also, there are a good number of young people leading, playing their instruments in worship.  Truly full of Spirit-filled enthusiasm is everywhere.  True worship giving glory to God and what an encouragement for other Moravian Revival Churches in and out of Honduras!

Bishop Isai needs to travel, very soon, to Tegucigalpa, Honduras capital city for special meetings with leadership, perform baptisms and Holy Communion.  UIMM is a bit short of funds, so any dollars that arrive will assist in doing the Lamb of God’s work.  Truly our Lamb has Conquered; Let us Follow Him!

Note:  In order to do ministry in Honduras or any area of the world, UIMM is doing ministry requires dollars.  Money is needed!  UIMM is the 21st Century Moravian Revival Church sending agency.  UIMM is recognized by the US Federal Government as  a non-profit 501C3 organization.  The Great Commission of Jesus Christ is central mission.  Therefore UIMM sends Pastors, teachers, and evangelists to the world to win lost souls.

So too, UIMM has performed  great charitable works.  Some examples is support for an orphanage in Africa, housing rent for pastors, food, medical, travel dollars, meeting support, church building materials, scholarships, etc.

We don’t have much, but God has been giving UIMM’s sending agency enough to make a difference before Christ comes again!  If Christ touches your heart, please feel free to donate.  Also if  folks would like to help Bishop Isai in his ministry, please designate and feel free to donate, here online.


Isai childrfen minisry

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