So Much Gossip and Slander around Us! Time to Go on the Offensive?

Praise God!  The true Church of God, in spite of severe persecution continues to evolve, show the light of God’s truth and love, and win and disciple souls to grow the Kingdom of God in these last days.  A shout of victory and blessing upon Bishop Isai Granwell’s work in Honduras!  He is United International Moravian Ministry (UIMM) International Outreach Director.

The enemy will rear his ugly head when the Church is alive and moving forward in God’s supreme Will.  According to God’s Word, a true Church of Jesus Christ will suffer persecution.  The Anchorage Moravian Church (AncMC), since revival broke out in 2008 (and subsequent years) has been criticized by many.

A few nights ago, incredibly in a colorful dream given by God to me, I saw end day spiritual soldiers (Navy Seals) coming together in rank and getting ready to reap a huge harvest of souls.  This is a big encouragement that we can all be unified in faith as well as the Word of God and move forward, together.

As we move forward obediently to the Will of God, we will also suffer criticism, mockery and persecution.  The reality is the Churches that show fruit for God comes under horrible persecution.  We see this, especially in socialist countries around the world.

We should all remember what the Bible says in John 10:10 – “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” Recently, I cannot but help notice in one the countries our umbrella organization (UIMM) is involved in, choice land was taken away, which was going to be used to build a beautiful home church.  In another country, last week one of our Moravian Revival Churches was burnt down, and yet in another country the Church work seems to have come to a standstill.

What we are seeing is that many of our churches, truly speaking truth and fulfilling the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, are under attack.  But we rejoice (James 1:2).  We know that the enemy will fail, and we move forward encouraged and do so valiantly.

Maybe, too much, we have been loving and defensive in spirit and not judging (and leaving it in God’s hands).  Maybe (especially as Alaska’s Native people) we need to be more on the offensive in protecting God’s Work among us.

I don’t think I’m taking the next word out of context;  This is what Paul the Apostle says in Ephesians 5:11 (NIV)  Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. Ephesians 5:11, ESV: Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.  Expose means to “make something visible by uncovering it”.  Other words are reveal, display, disclose, etc.

Currently I am on the 21st year as Senior Pastor of at the AncMC.  Like many of you, I have been a victim of gossip and slander.  Praise God, I must be doing something right for our Savior Jesus Christ!

The accuser of the Brethren has reared his ugly head.   In 2017, I heard it first.  It was hurtful.  I found after my return from Florida after receiving a Doctorate of Theology certificate, that I was a thief.  That I stole $17,000 from the AncMC.

Last week, I discovered that this same slander is still in the air, here in Anchorage, Alaska.  I know of one person that angerly said they are not going to our church because I was a thief.  Wow, this is a first-class example of slander!  Over the many years, frankly I have not stolen a cent from the church tithe or offerings.  Since ordination in September 1977 by Bishop Edwin Kortz, a Moravian bishop from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, it has been my practice never to touch a red cent. This has served me well. The Churches, I have served, always had different people (trustees) to count, deposit, and an accountant to give monthly financial statements.  The AncMC financial records are excellent!  If any financial audit was taken it will be shining example of correctness.

I believe I may know who started the lie concerning myself.  This person has a record of creating discord, not only among the churches, but even in civic settings. All it takes is one person who has paranoia, which means they have an unwarranted or delusion belief that one is being persecuted, harassed, or betrayed by others which may be simply a mental condition.

Interestingly, Paul explains that we are not to take merely a defensive stance against dark deeds and stay away from them. He is saying our approach must be offensive — we are to “expose” unfruitful works of darkness! Therefore this commentary; right or wrong.

Another well-known person slandered our worldwide organization, which UIMM is.  He spread the gossip stating that Bishop William Nicholson is not a bishop, nor any of the 20 plus pastors ordained by UIMM and commissioned by him are really pastors.

Someone has said that “Pastors certainly can be a dime a dozen, but true Shepherds are called of God.”  UIMM has recognized true Shepherds throughout the years who have a true intimate relationship with the Savior and desire to serve him in holiness and truth. They function through UIMM, which is a recognized ecclesiastical organization with the State of Alaska and a non-profit 501c3 organization with the US government.  Therefore UIMM has a legitimate biblical and corporate reason for existence.

Another big source of gossip and slander follows.  It’s about correct Church discipline.  Over the last several years, UIMM and the AncMC have used God’s Word and properly “to a tee”, followed the UIMM Handbook (organizational Book of Order).  In confidential “Executive Session” meetings, one erring bishop was disciplined for servere wrong doing.  So too, at least three UIMM pastors and one well known evangelist for not following proper biblical protocols.  From all indications, each one of these disciplined former spiritual leaders and individuals, have not repented.  Instead, many, if not all of them, are spreading gossip and error in our midst.  We have heard a bunch!

The fruits of gossip and slander are evil!  Sadly, the gossip and ongoing slander has caused good godly people to leave our Churches and fellowships. It is not in our interest to mention names, but God knows who they are, and they themselves should know who they are.  Please know that we love them and pray to God, someday they repent to God first, and then come to us saying they are sorry for what they have done..

Expose the unfruitful workers of darkness?  In “Executive Session and in Confidence” our spiritual organizational leaders of UIMM and AncMC know the persons performing gossip and slander and spreading lies.  Sometimes I think we should be more public, but we have chosen not to and instead be more implicit, because God will judge our detractors for attacking our God ordained ministries.  This gossip and slander is a spirit of murder trying to kill the leaders of the Moravian Revival Churches and stop the work of God.

Let me close this commentary by saying the following:  Pastors of UIMM and the World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches, may we all continue to rejoice that God has brought us together!  “No weapon formed against us will prosper” (Isaiah 54:17).  We thank God, we are worthy of persecution for the sake of Christ, the Lamb of God!  And that God has given us patience and strength to endure.

We pray for those that oppose us!  We pray the those who are trying to stamp out the light and silence the Church!  In these end days, around us, certainly there are false teachers and false prophets, and wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing!  We know them by their fruits.

Most of us were formerly dark individuals, but now cleansed and become lights through whom our Savior shines brightly. This is what happened at our conversion, and we will continue to become ever brighter lights as we, through confession and repentance, expose our sins to God and flee from it.

If you left any of our Churches due to gossip or slander, you should recognize that your leaving is wrong, if it is based on falsehood.  You may feel led by the Holy Spirit to come back.

Please know that we need each other as God remakes His Church to do what it needs to do, just before Christ comes again in the clouds with glory.


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