UAMM Synod 2019 Report

Results of United Alaska Moravian Ministry (UAMM) synod at Anchorage, Alaska on January 17. 2019 was Spirit filled and full of faith and hope and joy! UAMM as an organization is blessed with God’s favor and during 2018 has prepared itself based upon the foundation of God’s holy Word. And it continues to reach out as an awakened giant, now beginning to move with power and greater effectiveness.
New staff were recognized, Shawna Nicholson UAMM Bookkeeper and Gary Teague, UAMM’s new Administrative Assistant, both who have separate offices at 624 W International Airport Road, upstairs.
The one day meeting at UAMM’s office building at 624 included an opportunity to hear reports on UAMM’s variety of Great Commission activities throughout 2018. Heard were reports from President William Nicholson, a financial report from Nellie Kiunya and trip reports to Africa, Honduras, and the Philippines as well as Church report from Wasilla. A high point was Dean Carl’s colorful Power Point presentation on developments on New Herrnhut Bible Holiness Training Institute. Also great was seeing the younger generation taking responsibility – Pastor Curda Alexie and new older generation people coming on board – Elder Harvey Brown and Pastor/Evangelist Roberta Thomas.
The following is just a few of the many accomplishments experienced at the 2019 UAMM synod:
1. UAMM Pastor’s and Delegate’s representation from the Kuskokwim, Bristol Bay, south-central Alaska and Washington State was very good.
2. Two of UAMM’s bishops were in attendance, i.e.
Bishop Lauden Kangele & Bishop William Nicholson
3. President Nicholson reported on a February 2018 Africa trip which gave rise to a new global fellowship which UAMM funded and helped to organize called World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches, which he is presently a co-chair of along with Bishop Mwamakula in Tanzania, Africa.
4. The Rev. Tim Sergie reported on WFMRC creation as well as his church activities in Wasilla.
5. The Rev. Valerie Penz gave an in-depth report on her and Missionary Nellie Huffman’s trip to the Philippines which show great interest in receiving help to raise up Moravian heritage churches there.
6. UAMM received a new logo and also established an updated website at
7. The Power Point presentation by Mr. Dean Carl portrayed the extensive investment made of land acquisition, thousands of dollars of gravel, set up and lumber mill, and cutting, loading and milling logs to build the new Seminary.
8. A statewide report by The Rev. Bob Monette on Statewide Outreach followed by Bishop Lauden Kangele on plans for nationwide and international outreaches. There are 30 plus new churches and fellowships being formed nationally and overseas.
9. Report on status of new UAMM office building and its nearness to the gateway to the world – Ted Steven’s International airport, and a big accomplishment was
10. Amendments to the UAMM Organizational Bylaws that reads that UAMM is affiliated with the World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches, which now has churches and fellowship in and has true gospel influences in over 10 countries around the world.
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