UIMM Extends Mission Outreaches to New York – Tri-State Area

On October 24, 2022, United International Moravian Ministry Group (UIMM) Executive Committee Directors (7 member board shown left in picture) met in a special meeting at UIMM’s home Church, the Anchorage Moravian Church.  In attendance at this meeting was The Rt. Rev. Isai Granwell of Honduras, who travelled thousands of miles to attend this historic meeting.  Bishop Isai Granwell, since winter/spring of 2022, has been working as UIMM’s International Outreach Director so his input was seen as critical for the ongoing life and expansion of UIMM’s ministries around the world.

At this meeting, any issues were dealt with in terms of strengthening UIMM’s outreach to the nations of Tanzania, Uganda, Honduras, Philippines, Cambodia, Cuba as well as outreaches to several States in America.  In attendance also was The Rev. Bob Monette, who is UIMM’s National Outreach Director.

After several hours of meeting, in yet another critical and exciting outreach, it was agreed unanimously that a new UIMM missionary work happens in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Boston, among the Hispanic and Garifuna communities.   It was agreed that we should move forward aggressively, prayerfully, and seek to set a travel schedule, SOON.  This new work was seen as an evangelistic ministry and will eventually develop into church planting.  It was envisioned that the spiritual needs in the Tai-State areas are huge.  In time it is hoped that this area may turn into a new Moravian Revival Church district under UIMM, which operates under the World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches.

Bishop Isai Granwell, Pastor Robert Monette and Bishop William Nicholson will be administering this new ministry in the Tai-State area of Eastern United States.   Already, significant and interested leadership has been identified who desire to work closely with our Moravian Revival leadership.  We  are praying that sufficient prayer and financial support will be provided to expand this mission, quickly.

We are praying that other Moravian Revival leaders (Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Prophets, and Apostles) will join with us to assure fruits for the Kingdom of God.  Contacts are Bishop Isai Granwell, Pastor Robert Monette or Bishop William Nicholson.  Anyone desiring more information and/or wanting to help, feel free to contact anyone of the three identified.

A key contact number is Bishop Nicholson, who is UIMM’s President and Administrator at (907) 240-8102 or email address at docnicholson@gmail.com.  Again, please be in prayer for this new development!

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