Since transporatation from the bush is too expensive, encouragements are given for UIMM Pastors and other Spiritual Leaders to gather together IN YOUR TOWNS AND VILLAGES. This way YOU pastors can view the Upcoming training (see below) by Dr. McElwain, which will be broadcast on Facebook site, United Ministry Group & Friends. Encouragements are there to make comments or ask questions on facebook and even call Bishop Nicholson by phone at (907) 240-8102 during the training events on Friday and Saturday.

UNITED INTERNATIONAL MORAVIAN MINISTRY (UIMM) & Anchorage Moravian Church in a jointly sponsored event have scheduled for Friday and Saturday, at 10 am – 3:30 pm, a Pastor’s Christ Centered Training in Old Testament Theology. Instructor Is Dr. Randall McElwain (shown) of Shepherd Global Classroom.

TOPICs for Training is Preaching the Pentateuch, OT Historical Books, the Wisdom Books, as well as preaching the Prophets This training is for UIMM Pastors, Future Church Leaders, Elders and Leaders from other especially Indigenous Churches (Native Baptist, Evangelical Covenant, Anchorage Friends) feel free to attend. Date of Special Training is set for April 12- 13, 2024.


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