United International Moravian Ministry group (UIMM) and its leaders, The Rt. Rev. Dr. William Nicholson, President and Administrator of UIMM, The Rev. Robert Monette, UIMM’s National Outreach Director, and The Rt. Rev. Isai Granwell, UIMM’s International Outreach Director have a free and LEGAL right to exist in America and positively impact the world! UIMM for a good number of years has been incorporated with the State of Alaska and recognized by the Federal Government as a legitimate 501C3 non-profit religious organization.
Our leaders are mainly American citizens. We know what the law is in America! We also know what the Bible says in the KJV for those who oppose God’s work…”we are to shake off the dust from our feet”.
Matthew 10:14 says, “And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet. The New International Version translates the passage as: If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that home or town. In Luke 9:5 it says, And whoever will not receive you, when you go out of that city, shake off the very dust from your feet as a testimony against them.
On the issue of defamation of character believers must know, whether you are from a Traditional Church or Moravian Revival that it is legally and biblical wrong in the laws of our land to engage in defamation of character, which can be viewed as a “hate crime”. If someone is guilty, they can be taken to court in America.
What is defamation of character? “Defamation of character occurs when someone makes a false statement against you, which they publish or state as a fact, causing harm to your personal and professional reputation and other damages, such as emotional distress and financial loss. According to the First Amendment, everyone has a right to be free.
Please stop!
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