Shown in photo, along with Bishop William Nicholson, are some of the delegates who attended a special meeting of the Moravian Churches for World Revival.  They met in Ruiru town near Nairobi, Kenya from 23-24 February 2018.  Out of this meeting a resolution was passed to establish the Union of Moravian Churches for the World Revival (The World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches).
     “The union was officially born on 24th February 2018 and was launched in a service that took place in Ruiru fellowship near Nairobi on Sunday 25th February 2018. The founding delegates of the Union came from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Alaska (America), Cambodia, Philippines, and America. Some delegates who were unable to attend even though they were members from Honduras, etc.
     The meeting elected His Excellency Bishop Dr. Nicholson William (USA or America) together with His Excellency Bishop Emmaus Bandekile Mwamakula (Tanzania) to be Co-Chairs of the Union. Delegates of the Conference formed a World Board to lead the Union of 5 delegates who are: Bishop of Kenya, Bishop of the USA, Bishop of Tanzania, Bishop of Uganda and also the Leader who is now Bishop of the Philippines. Later, the Bishop of Honduras also joined the Board after being ordained.
     Delegates passed a resolution to hold a General Assembly of the United Nations every 3 years in a member country and to be proposed by the World Board.  In the picture are just some of the delegates of the General Assembly from different countries who got a chance to take a group photo after passing decisions to form the Union on 24 February 2018.
    The Lamb has won! Let’s get after him!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ARTICLE ABOVE PROVIDED BY Arch Bishop Emmaus Bandekile Mwamakula,  The head of the Moravian Church of Revival Tanzania and East Africa and the co-chairman of the Union of Moravian Churches of Revival in the World (World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches – WFMRC), Dar es Salaam, 1 November 2023; 6:00 afternoon.
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