Moravian Revival Church Loves the Traditional Moravian Church

A brief COMMENTARY BY BISHOP WILLIAM NICHOLSON – “We love the Traditional Moravian Church and its membership in Alaska”. This commentary is written with forgiveness and no bitterness and with thanksgiving for what almighty God has done since 2008 to the present time to bless the Alaska Moravian Province and the United International Moravian Ministry Group.

Over a week ago, December 9, 2022, I officiated a Celebration of life for wife (Pauline Andrew) of a former Alaska Moravian Province President, The Rev. John P. Andrew. What a blessing this worship service was with a full church. A Moravian Choir led by my 1st Cousin Carrie Paton sang very touching hymns of faith in Jesus Christ! Pastor Alexie Nose led in singing of a popular song “Naraumali” (Praise the Lord).

At first, I felt a bit of stress and tension, but as I prayed the tension ebbed away and instead love filled my heart of hearts. In the audience gathered, which filled our little 130 seat church, I noted that many former members of the Anchorage Moravian Church as well as a former President of the Alaska Moravian Church and his wife from Bethel, Alaska were seated. These were former members and leaders who had a difference in Church theology and understanding of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Its a long story, but because of this, the Anchorage Moravian Church was excluded from the Alaska Moravian Province in 2016.

Because of this exclusion United International Moravian Ministry Group (UIMM) evolved into a worldwide Moravian Revival Church ministry with over 180 Churches and Fellowships under which is now called the World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches (WFMRC) in 9 countries and growing. Pastor John P. Andrew was also formerly excluded because of his support of the “Spiritual Feast” in Manokotak years ago.

Our dearly departed loved one, Sister Pauline Andrew brought us together! Here we are, worshipping together for the first time in years! Everyone was welcomed in God’s love. It appeared that peace and love was shown by everyone gathered there in support of Pastor John P. Andrew and his family.

During the Celebration of Life service and message I gave, I thanked everyone for attending on behalf of the family. I mentioned the importance of maintaining the Unity as a spiritual family of God. I also shared that unforgiveness and bitterness has been wiped away. Then I mentioned that the exclusions for Pastor Andrew and the Anchorage Moravian Church happened historically; again that the former President John P Andrew and the Anchorage Moravian Church forced separation happened years ago. You can see the eyes and hearts turning; then I said “it was good!”.

Immediately I explained that THIS EXCLUSION WAS GOOD. It was used by God to bless His Kingdom of love and peace. Like Paul and Barnabas in the New Testament had their disagreement concerning Timothy, there was separation, and as a direct result the Gospel was doubled in expansion in the ancient Gentile world. So too, it s happened to us with the rise of UIMM and the WFMRC; the Gospel with a Great Commission & Discipleship mission expanded to the nations. Like Paul and Barnabas who were later reconciled, I stated that it is my hope and prayer that reconciliation will happen between the Traditional Moravian Church and our Moravian Revival Church leaders and its people. I believe my comments were received openly as I mentioned that all of our pulpits are open and we desire their pulpits to be open for us.

The backdrop for al of this is that we recognize that the spirit of religion kills and that we need to recognize the time is short for the 2nd Coming of our Lord,. And we need to agree to work together as a Family of God as Zinzendorf preached on.

Certainly a long ways to go yet, but I have been praying that God will use our Moravian Revival Churches to bring healing and revival in the traditional churches that have lost so many due to disenchanted people. And we need the traditional church to uplift us as members of the family of God. Together we can do more as a common witness to fill the skies with lost souls redeemed by the blood of the Lamb of God.

I mentioned that we are in the end days of the end days! End day signs are all around us. Not all they who say Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, only they who do the will of my Father in heaven, Christ said. I didn’t mention it though I wanted to that God is separating the wheat from the chaff. There is a great falling away of the Christian Church. And we must recognize the devil’s work is to destroy the Church. We must recognize the terrible sins that befell Sodom and Gomorrah. If we do not oppose gay clergy in our pulpits it shows that the church supports homosexuality and this church will be judged by God.

We must stand on the full counsel of God’s Word, allow the spiritual gifts to flourish and allow the five-fold ministry to unfold before Christ comes, SOON!

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