2020 Remaining Schedule of Holy Week

ANCHORAGE MORAVIAN CHURCH AND UNITED INTERNATIONAL MORAVIAN MINISTRY group remaining Holy Week and Easter 2020 Facebook “Live Stream” Schedule at United Ministry Group & Friends site as follows:

– April 9, 2020, 6 pm, Maundy Thursday HOLY COMMUNION service with Bishop William Nicholson and Pastor Ron Moo

– April 10, 2 pm, Good Friday Conclusion of PASSION WEEK READINGS with Bishop William Nicholson

– April 10, 6 pm, FRIDAY NIGHT MINISTRY with Pastor Bob Monette, Bishop Nicholson and Musician Billy Olsen

– April 12, 6:45 am, EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE with Bishop Nicholson and AncMC Elders at Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery.

– April 12, 2 pm, EASTER REGULAR WORSHIP with Bishop William Nicholson

– April 12, 6 pm, EASTER DISCIPLESHIP WORSHIP with William Nicholson and Billy Olsen

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