Words of Appreciation to International Miracle Institute (IMI) for Miracle Encounter in Anchorage, Alaska

A number of United Alaska Moravian Ministry group, shown, after giving a letter of thanks to “Miracle Encounter” Apostles Christian and Robin Harfouche of International Miracle Institute from Penscola, Florida.  Miracle Encounter was held in Anchorage, Alaska, with schooling in morning and evening worship and healing services at Anchorage’s Egan Center October 1-10, 2019.                                                                                                                                                                        In photo, shown left to right, is Dr. Robin Harfouche, Apostle Dr. Christian Harfouche, Bishop William Nicholson, Dr. Christy Harfouche (kneeling), Bishop’s wife Barbara Nicholson, Mr. Dean Carl (builder of New Herrnhut), The Rev. Floyd Moses (kneeling), The Rev. Ron Moo and his wife Julia Moo.
A book entitled Alaska Awakening was presented by Bishop William Nicholson to Apostle Dr. Christian Harfouche who was very thankful for the gift.  He also said that he will frame the thank you letter, which has the words as shown below.
Thanks goes out to Frederick Allen Nielsen Jr. for taking the photo shown.


October 10, 2019

Apostle Doctor’s Christian & Robin Harfouche
International Miracle Institute
421 N. Palafox Street
Pensacola, Florida 32501

Re:  Appreciation for Coming to Anchorage, Alaska to Minister October 1-10, 2019

Dear Brother Christian and Sister Robin Harfouche,

From October 1-10, 2019, many of our Church members and leaders have attended your training and Miracle Encounter worship and healing services at the Egan Center.  Thank you for coming to Anchorage, Alaska to minister to our people.   The recognition and support from you personally and the International Miracle Institute has inspired our organization (UAMM) to renew our commitment to reach out, to equip believers, and help them help others to reach and disciple the lost all around this world as we bring them to the Lord Jesus Christ.

United Alaska Moravian Ministry Group (UAMM) is an Alaska Native ministry group emphasizing 1st Century Discipleship (thanks to you).  Growing and enriched by International Miracle Institute, UAMM is presently made up of 23 Churches and Fellowships in Alaska and the Continental US, four Churches in Honduras, and three Churches through Allied Mission Group under our influence in the Philippines.  In early 2018, UAMM helped to organize a global ministry group called the World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches (WFMRC).  WFMRC is now in seven countries including America, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Philippines, Cambodia, and Honduras, numbering close to 200 churches.  In 2012, we were four churches and fellowships.  In seven years God has blessed us numerically and quantitatively as an end-day remnant “Living Church”, Living Out the Full Counsel of God’s Holy Word.

UAMM will continue to uplift and defend your ministry in Anchorage and throughout Alaska.  With IMI’s influence and continual training, we will be victorious over the invisible powers of darkness.  We will continue our mission of fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission to evangelize.  We will continue to emphasize the five-fold ministries, the Holy Ghost power gifts, and as our Lord directs will continue to grow with influence and dominion among the nations.

Along with this letter, UAMM’s leaders have a signed copy of a beautiful green “Alaska Awakening” book, our story, we give you as a gift.  God bless you as you continue to serve the Kingdom of God.

Our Prayers with Love in Christ,

The Rt. Rev. Dr. William H. Nicholson,
Bishop & Administrator – United Alaska Moravian Ministry group
Senior Pastor – Anchorage Moravian Church

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