Anchorage Moravian & United International Autumn Schedule 2020

The Anchorage Moravian Elders met last Sunday, September 6th, 2020. With the Municipality of Anchorage’s new end of August/September guidelines for 50% capacity and safety protocols, the Church Elders are encouraging the Church membership to come back to church and “not forsake the assembly”.

THE FOLLOWING CHURCH SCHEDULE AND PROGRAM HAS BEEN APPROVED to be announced to the general public. If you notice, below, there are two United International Moravian Ministry group Friday night outreaches at two separate locations, one at Robin Street and the other at 624 Church Office building.

For most of our programs, folks are invited to our old “Red Church” location at 3512 Robin Street, Anchorage, Alaska.:
* Sunday School, 1 pm
* Sunday Regular Moravian worship, 2 pm
* Sunday Night Singspiratioin, 6 pm
* Wednesday Bible Study & Prayer, 6 pm (624 W. International Airport Road, Suite 200 upstairs at Church offices)
* Friday Night Ministry with Teaching Emphasis with The Rev. Bob Monette, Director of UIMM Alaska Outreach, 6 pm (624 W International Airport Road, upstairs Fellowship Hall)
* Friday Night Singspiraition with The Rev. Tim Sergie and Musicians (Billy Olsen, etc.), 6 pm at 3512 Robin Street.

Any questions call the Anchorage Moravian Church Administratiive Assistant, The Rev. “Colonel” Milton Cross at 907-868-3177. You may also phone Bishop William Nicholson at (907) 240-8102.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. William Nicholson, Senior Pastor of the Anchorage Moravian Church holds regular office hours Sunday through Thursday from 11 am – 6 pm, daily. If you need any pastoral assistance, please feel free to call or visit.

Coffee is always on.

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