10th Annual UIMM General Church Conference

     The 10th Annual General Church Conference of United International Moravian Ministry was held on February 4, 2021, 1 pm, at 624 W International Airport Rd, Suite 200, Anchorage, Alaska. This Conference was well attended by Pastors and delegates.
     Annual reports were received by UIMM’s Accountant – Nellie Kiunya, UIMM President & Bishop – William Nicholson, State of Alaska Outreach Director – Pastor Bob Monette, and National & International Outreach Director (fill-in for Bishop Lauden Kangele) – Bishop Nicholson, and New Herrnhut Seminary builder and financer – Brother Dean Carl.
     A new item on the agenda allowed UIMM Pastors  to share their annual reports orally.  Bishop Nicholson spoke on behalf of those who could not fly in from the Villages of Alaska and the nation of Honduras.  A number of reports were shared concerning the 26 Moravian Revival Churches & Fellowships located in Angoon, Bethel, Dillingham, Eagle River/Anchorage, La Ceiba & Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Manokotak, Palmer and Wasilla, Alaska including an update on the Church in Seattle, Washington.  After reports were heard, Conference members felt that there is much to celebrate fruits in 2020 and that 2021 holds great promise in doing more to fulfill the Great Commission.  Agreement was that we must prayerfully continue to remain in Unity as a Living Family of God.
     Although Tithing by Pastors and Churches improved somewhat, there is still a ways to go to fulfill Giving Resolutions passed in 2018. These resolutions are not legalistic in nature, but are there to challenge UIMM pastors to donate their tithes & offerings to UIMM and for each respective UIMM Church to give 10% of their gross monthly tithes and offerings. A good example is the Anchorage Moravian Church which gave UIMM’s general budget over $1900 for the months of November and December 2021.
     Feelings expressed by Bishop Nicholson and the pastors at the 10th GCC is that 2020 was a time of General Strategic Planning and Preparation for our Churches to fulfill the Great Commission. Plans are afoot to go to the pastor less villages in Alaska.
     Everyone felt that in 2021, all UIMM Churches and Fellowships should be “awake, standing up, and engaging to expand the Kingdom of God and to “fill the skies with lost souls (redeemed) when Christ comes in the clouds with glory. A couple of pastors with prophetic gifts share a message that Revival is coming and that the Spirit of God will be sending many to the World in 2021.
     In order to keep the UIMM movement moving forward, Bishop Nicholson will be visiting five countries in 2021. UIMM missionaries will be going to Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Florida and Lord Willing other states. In order to do this a good travel budget is necessary. The 10th GCC adopted a new 2021 Budget so this will happen as well as assist the nations. Over $20,000 of UIMM’s 2020 budget was used to strengthen our fellowships among the nations.
     A significant position taken by the 10th GCC is that any Traditional Moravian Church bishop or pastor is welcome to any of our pulpits to share God’s Word.   We agreed to pray for the Traditional Church that we do not judge them nor should they judge us because we are a Church family.
     Folks let’s pray for what God is doing. Great reports will be there for 2022’s GCC!
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