FROM THE BISHOP WILIAM NICHOLSON FAMILY: Thanksgiving during loss of daughter, Jerilyn Bessie Nicholson

Your words of loving support meant heaven to all of us during the most difficult time in our life. Losing beautiful daughter Jerilyn Bessie Nicholson has been unbelievably hard. Some of our immediate family is still struggling from day to day, but we were comforted and encouraged by your kind notes of condolence and sympathy. We felt your incredible love and compassion especially from those of you who attended the funeral service at Evergreen Memorial Chapel on May 8, 2021, 1 pm and afterwards the Potluck at the Alaska Heritage Center. Jesus Christ, indeed, has given us an incredible family and Church family showing His love and comfort!
Words cannot describe the void that Jerilyn’s “Ani’s” death has left behind. But your thoughtfulness has helped to ease the pain. Bishop William and Barbara Nicholson and thier children and grandchildren appreciates especially our extended family members (both sides), our Church friends, supporters from other Ministries and Church Leaders around our town and state for offering their sympathies – namely Edgar Montano, Eleanor Roehl, Kent Redfearn, Leonard John, Bill Welch, Tom Maillele, and Janet Altice. There are others too and sorry if we missed you. We truly are a living family living out the full counsel of God’s Word!
Also thanks Mirror Lake Middle School teachers for supporting, Barbara, my wife. We must certainly uplift and pray for our enforcement agencies; we thank the many Anchorage city police, the detectives, the Anchorage Court for assuring justice is done.
We must not neglect thanking the Bishops of the World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches from Tanzania, Uganda, Honduras, Philippines and Cambodia as well as around the United States and Alaska. Bishop George Lee of Texas, Bishop-elect The Rev. Dr. Doug Norwood (who ministered to Jerilyn in Anchorage almost four weeks ago) from Pennsylvania, and Bishop-elect The Rev. Isai Granwell are especially noted. We thank Bishop Mike Grant of the Church of God in Alaska. United International Moravian Ministry pastors are especially are thanked. And we so a big word of thanks to International Miracle Institute Director, Dr. Christian Harfouche and his wife, Robin for their prayerful support.
We certainly have not forgotten you, too many, who called by phone or messaging, and we could not answer you. Those of you who provided food for the potluck headed up by Nellie Kiunya, Julie Moo, Theresa Bowls, Valarie from Mirror Lake, Nina and others. All of you together raised up an unexpected yet pleasant big wave of comfort and love; really a gigantic flow of peace and love that helped us with this unfortunate loss to our family and Church.
And lastly we thank those of you who gave freely to help finance funeral expenses. Namely the Bristol Bay Native Corporation, Choggiung, Tom Hoseth, Blanche Kalstrom, Max Wilson, Barbara’s family and my family, and so many others who gave to Go Fund.
May God bless all of you.
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