Moravian Revival Church Unity

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The Anchorage Moravian Church with sponsorship of the United International Moravian Ministry (UIMM) group finished a four night series of worship with special speakers and exciting Singspirations October 20-23, 2022. The theme for that weekend was “Opening our Eyes” and “Working Together in Unity” in light of the end days! Working together in Unity necessitates knowing God’s Word and following it.

The opposite of working together in Unity is working individually apart from one another; in other words, in division. Often division means unforgiveness and bitterness. If Unity is taken away in our UIMM Churches and Fellowship, it is really a scandal in the body of Christ. This is not needed among our Moravian Revival Churches.

Over the centuries the true Church practiced and preserved a true unity in true doctrine and biblical piety. This Unity is not the false unity of a Church compromising and following the morality of the world. True biblical unity is found in the gospel and teachings of Paul the Apostle. It is shown in a healthy and growing maturity of the congregation as it increases in grace and in its knowledge of the Word of God.

Division in the Church is often caused by poor communication and misunderstandings. If there is an irreconcilable problem between brothers and sisters, the local church pastor or elder should be contacted immediately. If there is difficulty within the Church between brothers and sisters, this should be dealt with, quickly, in love and mercy.

Any Elders or Trustees taking sides in any matter is forbidden. If there is an issue creating division or dissatisfaction within the church, it is critical to be loving, non-judgmental.

As issues arise, there should not be any gossip or slander. in the midst of one witness, personal issues should be dealt with one-to-one by the Pastor or Elder notified. Only in the midst of two or three witnesses, then the AncMC Elders Board meets to work on reconciliation, always in strict confidence.

If issues are not dealt with, it creates difficulty for the local Church. The importance of maintaining good personal relationships was made clear by our Lord in the Sermon on the Mount. In this sermon, he instructed the disciples that anger against a brother is a deadly sin.

Reconciliation is a command, not a hypothetical goal. “Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother; then come and offer your gift” (Matt. 5:23-24).

UIMM Pastors and Church Members, we are all under the authority of the Bible first, then our respective congregations with its Elders. We are accountable to each other. May we pray for each other and work together. May we all strive for Unity in Christ.

If there is division, we will not have the expected revival and big harvest of souls, our Prophets are proclaiming.

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