Prophetic Thoughts

people are backwards looking at the bright lights from the stage

Bishop William Nicholson thoughts from this morning February 24, 2020.  I had three calls, one from a prophet, one from a pastor, and the other from a Spirit-filled sister, all of whom said “God told them to share with me”. I will summarize from MY own hearts interpretation, what I received for our mutual benefit as a Church family of Anchorage Moravian Church and United International Moravian Ministry group:

God is moving! The promises that he shares through His Word and through daily revelations of His will are like rainbow drops coming upon His Children who are willing to receive them. These raindrops are falling as living waters around us.
Matthew 18:15-20, we agree that God is speaking to the Church on need for Unity; He is among us and is raising up His church for a coming revival far exceeding anything we have ever known.
The Lord says autocracy must stop. Correction needs to be done for cleaning the Church. Nations are coming and God’s glory will fall in Anchorage. People will fall weeping; crying out and repenting. Crying out to God for mercy.
People are coming to Anchorage looking for a coming revival. God loves us and wants to use us, His people, our tribes. He loves our humility and will send us to the nations of the world. People must continue to gather and desire to know where we are going for mission. Many people are being drawn into to go to the world in larger and larger groups.
Lord wants us to navigate to new places not only of teams of two our three but up to 12 or more. He will gather the money. You will go.
All that controversy stuff; other church people are talking, but don’t worry about them. People will pull us into a greater connection of service. Too many people are like monkeys just playing but they need to change and become serious. People are coming back and will not be thefted away from you.
The Lord’s message is love and carrying on. We are falling in our father’s footsteps. A new book will be authored entitled “No Half Life”. Your name is a good name and people will follow.
Our children will follow us to Africa and other poor places of the world. Living waters are in our hand. Everybody is coming back to fill the seats of our Church. There will be a line of people to sing awaiting their turn to testify. Woman prophets and pastors will minister to us and we must humble ourselves as captains of His great end-day work, so that God can move freely. No personalities will get the credit. God will be seen clearly through each one.
In Alaska big bells are ringing; and the words, “I’m Coming Back to Alaska”. People will fall, slain, weep and cry and stay in the Church all night. The nations will know and see. God loves you.
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