From Pastor Bob Monette, UIMM National Outreach Director.  He shares another big Biblical Prophetic Fulfillment for all UIMM & WFMRC Bishops and Pastors – coming to pass in our Day.  Included with is a commentary to recognize our “Day and Age” and the importance of watching out for false teachers, prophets, etc.  Commentary follows:

1 John 4:1 Beloved believe not every spirit but try the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets are gone out into the world.  This is Pastor Bob to all my Christian brothers and sisters, we need to take God’s Word to heart ❤️ , because we are living in the days of Noah!  We must “Test every Word” and every message with God’s Scriptures.  We must prayerfully note this test may show the true character of that person as to whether they manifest the fruit of God’s Spirit.  We know that at the time of Jesus’ arrest Peter denied Jesus 3 times and all the disciples deserted him.   Certainly, we are all capable of “falling short” either deliberately or unintentionally, so it is for our spiritual safety that we test everything!  For example, a false prophecy can take you in the wrong direction.  Even a wrong Sunday message can cause you to choose a wrong path.  Satan used scripture 3 times to try and mislead Jesus in the wilderness.  We know that there are Churches in the lower 48 that have gone down the Road of Prosperity gospel, Words of Faith gospel, and others choosing a  pathway of immoral alignment with sin.   Let’s Be anxious for nothing. God Bless You All!


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