UIMM General Church Conference, Special Meetings February 4-7, 2021, and Message to Traditional Moravian Church

United International Moravian Ministry group (UIMM), once annual 2021 General Church Conference for UIMM pastors, delegates (and elders) is scheduled for February 4, 2021, 1 pm, at 624 W International Airport Rd, Suite 200, Anchorage, Alaska. This is a Conference of Moravian Revival Churches in Alaska and we solicit your prayers that God will speak through this medium and show us the way into 2021.  This way, we can be more effective in “filling the skies with lost souls won when Christ comes soon!”

The Rev. Dr. Doug Norwood from Allentown, PA will be with us. He is our special trainer for two days of Pastor Training on “Going to the World” at 624 for UIMM’s Pastors and Elders February 5-6, 2021, 10 am – 3 pm.

Scheduled is also special evening Discipleship/Singspirations February 5-7, 2021, 6 pm, at 3512 Robin Street.  Bishop George Lee from Texas (a friend of UIMM), who runs Allied Mission Church in the Philippines & Cambodia, will be with us for the evening Singspirations at our Red Moravian Church.

These meetings will assure that UIMM’s original vision of outreach to the World will continue.  UIMM is not a denomination nor institution.  Instead our position as a ministry group, according to Bishop Nicholson, is that we are a living family of God living out the full counsel of God’s Word!  Our churches and Fellowships should see themselves as Moravian revival Churches.

Almost six years ago, a top official in one of the Traditional Churches said that an individual from one of our Moravian Revival Churches was worshipping wrongly in one their traditional Churches.  That same day I received a complaint that another top pastor warned his congregation not to go to “doc’s Church and calling one of our evangelists, an Anti-Christ.  In spite of opposition over the years, Bishop Nicholson says, “we have been blessing and uplifting our Traditional Church.  And we’ve been too silent.  For over a week now I’ve been convicted to not only pray for those that opposed our Moravian Revival Churches, but to remind them we are family and we should be in unity together!”

Bishop Nicholson has been admonishing the general Moravian Church that the time is short.  He says, “we should be working together.  We don’t need to make the Church institution or denomination a god.  Let’s let that spirit of religion go.  Let’s together be the Moravians Count Zinzendorf wanted!  I like what The Rev. Dr. Doug Norwood Jr, said as a reminder, ‘Zinzendorf left the Moravian Church, threw His bishop mantle down, and left the Moravian Church for a time.’  He did not like denominationalism and excessive organization and emphasized in fulfilling the Great Commission that true believers, everywhere, should work together and recognize they are members of the family of God.”

UIMM’s Bishop, CEO, and Senior Pastor of the Anchorage Moravian Church in Anchorage, Alaska, says, “Let’s start acting that we family in spite of our differences.  If any bishop, pastor or leader in the Alaska Moravian Province Church sees this, they should feel invited to worship with us.  You are welcome especially to come to the Anchorage Moravian Church in Anchorage, Alaska at 3512 Robin Street in the Muldoon area in east Anchorage, Alaska.  There you will be welcomed with no judgments.  As God speaks to you, feel free to give a good word of testimony or song for God’s glory, anytime.  Our pulpits are open to you as Moravian pastors.  It’s been prophetically declared that the Alaska Moravian Church will welcome me to speak in your churches and villages in future days.  I look forward to this!”

If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact Bishop William Nicholson, at 907-240-8102.


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