Wonderful Brotherly Creed in Moravian Heritage Churches

I recently found this following incredible statement in my computer. I’m not certain but it may be attributed to John Wesley or Count Zinzendorf himself after Hernnhut’s Pentecost experience in 1722. The following quote is what we follow and I pray, today March 25, 2019, that all members of United Moravian Ministry Group’s clergy and member church people agree to:
“The Brethren never intermeddle with the affairs of other Churches. They neither condemn nor speak disparagingly of them; on the contrary they love and honor every one who is a confessor of Heavenly Truth, loves the Bible, and is zealous in publishing its truths abroad, and in promoting true godliness, and in opposing himself to every form of superstition and ungodly error. There is no difference of rank among them ; and no one strives after pre-eminence in anything. There is no contention, no strife, no disputation nor any quarreling nor litigation ; and no loose or improper conversation or conduct. There are no traces of covetousness or of any sort of licentiousness. You will see no usury, no attempt at overreaching others in trade ; and no putting of burdens on others, which they are unwilling to bear themselves. Brotherly and universal love shine forth in a remarkable degree in all their words and actions. Idleness and frivolous amusements are not tolerated. They are, moreover, careful to owe no man anything, but to love him ; and are punctual in meeting their obligations. They do not suffer any thing to creep into their meetings that might breed discord ; and if any one were to attempt to usurp authority they would quickly silence him. If others wrong them or inflict violence on them they bear it with singular courage and bravery. They never give place to wrath by returning evil for evil, and by avenging themselves
in any way.”
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