YouTube Videos on Christian Apologetics with Pastor Glenn Hermann

UIMM Pastors, especially, and everyone, please note that on this UIMM website, we have two Social Media Buttons.  One is for Facebook and the other is for YouTube.  The YouTube button is a colored red button on bottom of this HOMEPAGE.

This brief message is to notify everyone that the author of Celestial Traveler, Pastor Glenn Hermann’s training on Foundations of the Christian Faith, ie. Christian Apologetics videos are NOW uploaded for review and/or training, especially for our pastors and spiritual leaders.  All five Christian Apologetic sessions are available on YouTube, which were presented at the Anchorage Moravian Church on February 9, 10, 2024.  AGAIN GO TO BOTTOM OF THIS WEBSITE HOMEPAGE AND CLICK ON YOUTUBE BUTTON AND YOU WILL FIND PASTOR GLENN HERMANN’S VERY INTERESTING TEACHINGS.

UIMM Pastors training is held at least three or four times a year.  The next formal training for UIMM’s Pastors and Spiritual leaders is scheduled at the Anchorage Moravian Church on April 12, 13, 2024.  This is on Old Testament Theology, training to be given by Pastor Randal McElwain of Global Shepherd Classroom.  All UIMM Pastors are encouraged to attending training!

Any questions, get ahold of Bishop William Nicholson, at (907) 240-8102.

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