Is Your Moravian Church Door Shut?

Our Anchorage Moravian Church doors are open on this 1st Sunday of Advent, November 29, 2020! The AncMC has never shut its doors for those that need to worship and find spiritual help and blessing. Today in public worship at 2 pm, we celebrate our first candle lighting of our Moravian Christmas Wreath. My prayers […]


Why do Church Leaders and Workers Not Attend Church?  This question was recently asked of me as Senior Pastor of the Anchorage Moravian Church. During this age of end days “Lukewarmness”, even during this time of COVID 19, it is still a good question to ask to help strengthen our local churches. Some good reasons […]

Mission Trip to Far North Missionary Fellowship

Mr. Dean Carl of New Herrnhut Bible Holiness Training Institute of Seward, Alaska and I traveled by vehicle to Northpole, Alaska September 26-28, 2020. At the Far North Missionary Fellowship Chapel, which is a beautiful Wesleyan heritage Church, we were welcomed by an outstanding host and pastor and his wife, Rev. Randy & Jane Huff. […]

New Fire Revival with UAMM


Want a big blessing? Learn to tithe to your Church? A big opportunity is giving to United International Moravian Ministry group (UIMM). UIMM’s vision is “Equipping, Empowering & Sending”. It’s discipling new and younger believers, and anyone, God is calling to go to the ends of the earth. UIMM has many financial needs to do […]

Anchorage Moravian & United International Autumn Schedule 2020

The Anchorage Moravian Elders met last Sunday, September 6th, 2020. With the Municipality of Anchorage’s new end of August/September guidelines for 50% capacity and safety protocols, the Church Elders are encouraging the Church membership to come back to church and “not forsake the assembly”. THE FOLLOWING CHURCH SCHEDULE AND PROGRAM HAS BEEN APPROVED to be […]

Alaska Moravian

Moravian Church Schedule for Summer 2020

WE ARE RETURNING BACK, SOON, TO OUR HOME 150 SEAT CHURCH FOLKS!!! Revival will begin there again. ANCHORAGE MORAVIAN CHURCH (AncMC) AND UNITED INTERNATIONAL MORAVIAN MINISTRY (UIMM) Worship Service Schedule and Location: May 31, 2020, 2 pm, AncMC REGULAR WORSHIP at 624 W International Airport Road, Suite 200 upstairs. Officiant is Pastor Ron Moo. May […]

Anchorage Moravian Church Movement Back

BEGINNING JUNE 1, 2020, THE ANCHORAGE MORAVIAN CHURCH CONGREGATION WILL BE MOVING ITS WEEKLY WORSHIP SERVICES BACK TO THE 150 SEAT CHURCH WE OWN at 3512 Robin Street, Anchorage, Alaska. Schedule as follows:   Sunday Regular Worship, 2 pm  Sunday Singspiration/Discipleship, 6 pm Friday Night Ministry, 6 pm   Please note from June 1 to […]