AncMC Membership Meeting January 13, 2018

Anchorage Moravian Church Council meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, January 13, 2019, 2 pm. ALL WHO CONSIDER THEMSELVES MEMBERS OF THE ANCMC, PLEASE COME TO HEAR THE ANNUAL REPORTS, ELECT AN ELDER AND APPROVE THE 2019 BUDGET. Informed members are a must as we move forward in Christ’s agenda to grow His Kingdom of love […]

Youth Healing Conference at AncMC

Our Church van driver is back! PRAISE THE LORD! Please call Lawrence Murphy if you need a ride to church. You can text him your address and name at 330-4898. He is encouraging you to text him by 09:00 for the 2 pm regular worship service and by 2 pm for the 6 pm services. […]

When in Conflict Remain in Your Church

Conflict in the local Church Fellowship is not reason to leave your Church. Paul the Apostle addressed a lot of church conflict in his letters in the New Testament. I cannot find a place where Paul tells fellow believers to leave and to go to another Church where it will be more encouraging and less […]

Bishop Nicholson Dancing?

Bishop Nicholson Dancing?  Ho, Ho, Ho!  Amazing discipleship meeting at the AncMC Sunday night, December 16, 2018. A lot of people showed up from all over Alaska. The Spirit of God moved incredibly as folks shared testimony and song. Pastor Alexie Nose shared of his dream of revival happening in the four corners of the […]

Alaska Awakening Book: Now on Sale!

The Book from UAMM Publications, authored by William H. Nicholson, which everyone has been waiting for is NOW for sale at  It was made available – “on stock” late December 15, 2018.  Here’s how to order the book:  Type in “Alaska Moravian Heritage Church Awakening” and once you find the book, you may order […]

Alaska Walking Up to Missions

ALASKA AWAKENING! Our relationship with Christ is everything. We have been restored back to God through Christ’s blood. Our authority, power and dominion is restored (Matthew 28:18-20). Christ has gone before us and given us the ability to overcome. An Awakening of fulfilling the Great Commission is happening. Folks, believers in Christ, we are no […]

2018 AncMC Candlelight Service

Anchorage Moravian Church Christmas Eve Candle Light Service is scheduled for December 24, 2018, 6 pm, at 330 E. 4th Avenue. This location is the Guest House behind former Days Inn just slightly northwest (700 feet away) from the Sheraton Hotel on 4th Avenue.   The Candle service is an outstanding Moravian tradition of families […]

Discipleship at Anchorage Moravian Church

IF YOU NOTICE IN OUR CHURCH BULLETIN FOR SEVERAL WEEKS, AT THE ANCHORAGE MORAVIAN CHURCH, WE CHANGED THE NAME OF OUR SUNDAY NIGHT WORSHIP TO DISCIPLESHIP EVENING. Certainly singing and sharing of testimonies is still there, but more emphasis through preaching and teaching is being done to establish for our Church membership a firmer and […]