Anchorage Moravian Church Smartphone App

Most of us agree that we are living in the end days.  Someone said some powerfully and I agree – “The Lord is hastening His work, and it is no coincidence that powerful communication innovations and the inventions are occurring in the dispensation of the fulness of times”. Today technology such as the Smartphone has helped […]

3rd UIMM Pastor Tim Sergie Passes into Eternity

     A well known man of God (in eight nations), The Rev. Tim Sergie, Pastor of The House of Prayer Church and United International Moravian Ministry (UIMM) Vice-President of the Boards (and director who assisted in creation of the World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches), passed and went to be with His Savior, Jesus […]

A Little Bit About UIMM’S Lion & Lamb Logo

Jesus is called the Lion of Judah who has triumphed. Jesus has triumphed over temptation and sin, over pain and suffering, over fear, over death and even over the Devil himself. Jesus is the Lion who retreats before nothing! The last book of the Bible, called Revelation, tells about the end of history and the […]


United International Moravian Ministry group (UIMM) and its leaders, The Rt. Rev. Dr. William Nicholson, President and Administrator of UIMM, The Rev. Robert Monette, UIMM’s National Outreach Director, and The Rt. Rev. Isai Granwell, UIMM’s International Outreach Director have a free and LEGAL right to exist in America and positively impact the world! UIMM for […]

Upgrades & New Water Installation at AncMC

God is good!  We got the roof of the Anchorage Moravian Church completely redone ,three weeks or so ago. Now the waterline is being installed next door at our Parsonage. Praise God! It’s a miracle provision, especially when we begin the work on both buildings. Cost is roughly over $70,000 of tithes, offerings and short […]

Happy Resurrection Day!

Happy Resurrection Day everyone!  The AncMC celebrated a very early Easter Sunrise service at the Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery.  The sunrise was was at 6:30 am, so the actual service began at 6:15 am on Sunday, April 17, 2022.  Judging by the attendance, possibly we need to think of when the sun rises at the […]


By Bishop William H. Nicholson, Senior Pastor, AncMC, Administrator for UIMM, Chair of the Northern Hemisphere of World Fellowship of Moravian Revival Churches      Happy Holy Week and Easter! God is good!      Just yesterday, April 12, 2022, I heard someone in Anchorage, Alaska, proselyting one of our leaders from the Anchorage Moravian […]


UNITED INTERNATIONAL MORAVIAN MINISTRY PASTORS, ELDERS, INTERESTED CHRISTIAN WORKERS INCLUDING YOUNG PEOPLE welcome to attend “long planned for” UIMM Training Event in Anchorage, Alaska scheduled for April 16 & 17, 2021, 10 am – 3 pm. Lots of food for everyone! And nightly Singspirations with lots of music and testimonies from Friday through Sunday. UIMM […]